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Why Should I Consider Rubber Injection Molding?

Because it's a better process! As of today it's the best method for making rubber parts! Mixing the rubber, preheating the rubber, adding more heat through injecting into a mold that's already closed are all good things for processing rubber. And each of these steps give you multiple parameters you can control to optimize your production, quality, labor and scrap. US Molding presses give you the ability to easily and consistently control each factors and many, many, more. Listed below are several specific benefits and why they occur.

Benefit 1) Increase Part Quality

  • Better fill: due to consistently heated rubber and injecting it into a closed mold
  • Consistent cure: due to preheated rubber and consistent contact with the mold
  • Homogeneous material: due to mixing of rubber

Benefit 2) Reduce Cure Time / Cycle Time

  • Rubber preheated by screw
  • More rubber in contact with mold
  • Rubber heated externally
  • 30% to 80% reduction in overall production time
  • Rubber heated during inject

Benefit 3) Increase Mold Life

  • Mold closes parallel

Benefit 4) Decrease Flash

  • Rubber flows with less pressure when warm
  • Mold already closed

Benefit 5) Decrease Scrap Material

  • Better quality (See Benefit 1 above)

Benefit 6) Reduce "Post Cure" Labor Time

  • Exact amount of rubber
  • Tear away trim
  • Less Flash

Benefit 7) Design More "Detailed" Parts

  • Better rubber flow

Benefit 8) Eliminate Material Weighing and Prepping Time

  • Precise shot size
  • Machine measured and applied
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