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New Standard Products

300 Ton Standard Injection Vertical Press 600 Ton Standard Injection Press

Our standard 300 ton machine includes 22” x 25” electrically heated top and bottom platens with T-slots for mold mounting. Fully guarded working area with light curtain access to the mold area. Large 27” daylight opening for easy access. Inject sizes range from 2.7# to 10#. Conveniently mounted operator’s controls with large easy to read operator interface to enter control set points and monitor operating parameters.

Our standard 600 Ton machine shares all the same convenient operating features of the 300 Ton, but with the added versatility of 30” x 36” platens and 40” daylight. Inject sizes normally range from 10# to 20#.

Other standard machines include clamp sizes from 5 Tons to 1800 Tons, in both vertical and horizontal configurations with specials on request. Injection sizes range from 3 oz. to 55 lbs.

Standard equipment includes off the shelf components in the controls and mechanics to simplify troubleshooting and enhance up-time. For example, we use circuit breakers instead of fuses, this protects the associated equipment and provides a quick an costless correction when the fault is cleared --- much better than hunting around for $15 fuses or operating equipment in single phase mode.

Our standard operating system includes: Standard Options Available:
  • Large easy to understand monitor screen for easy setting.
  • A minimum of 20 Mold Records (recipes) to be saved, this allows for fast repeat setups as all the associated settings of the machine are saved and restored when a new mold is mounted.
  • Slow screw start on refill to minimize rubber strip breakage.
  • Screw slow down when fill volume is near to more repeatable accuracy.
  • Direct numeric entry of pressures and speeds, even during operation.
  • Extensive alarms and information messages to guide you through the cycle or help correct problems.
  • Standard multi-stage inject profile and selectable Inject Pressure Mode for fine control of inject parameters.
  • Many other refinements included through years of experience and customer input.

  • Top Hydraulic Ejectors
  • Bottom Hydraulic Ejectors
  • Mechanical Bottom Ejectors
  • Vacuum Pump System
  • Multiple Heaters Zones per Platen
  • Platen Heater Current Sensors
  • Custom T-Slot configurations
  • Shuttle Systems, Mechanical and Manual.
  • Automation, just ask us.
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